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Jiangsu Dongfang automobile garnish total factory founds in October 1975 , works for innovation and the development of automobile component in last 30 years. Factory locate in red positive city the new bridge town " have triangle", here, traffic is very convenient, south face Hu Ning high speed and capital Hu railway and capital Hang the 3 traffic hub of the Grand Canal, through frequently state airport needs 20 minutes only, north lean gold waterway the Yangtze River only 1 kilometers, 101 province roads cross from before factory south door and pass.
Factory now covers an area of area, is the square metre of fifty thousands and the 36,900 square metre of floor area. 386 factory existing staff persons, in which engineers and technicians and 66 professional administrator persons high-grade engineer 5, high-grade technician 2, intermediate technology has 14 people, 10 elementary technical people persons.
Factory possesses the seventy-eight millions Yuan of fixed assets, the existing each kind of mechanical equipment Taiwans more than 120 mould machine 25 in which note , are biggest to lock mould force for 2500 T ( inject the capacity g of eighteen thousands ),100 the T machine 2 of oil pressure, the machine 1 of 315 T of oil pressure, the Italian vacuum 2 of forming machine, Italy Kang the grand company's foaming machine 2 of high voltage, German shellfish g Mu the hollow 2 of forming machine, 500 metre circuits spray paint line Sub_clause of 1, vibration welding machine and hot board welding machine some of still have 20 each kind of detection equipment surplus Taiwans additionally.
Factory major product has: Bumper, door inner casing and note mould appearance Taiwan , assemble amine fat soften appearance Taiwan, foaming appearance Taiwan and hollow type plastic oil box and mold pressing type ceiling, side wall and vacuum the type and PVC of interior trim type carpet. The major customer in home of factory has: The automobile group of east wind ( the business of east wind use vehicle company, the automobile inc. of east wind, the willow steam of east wind and east wind happy reach the inferior bus company of east wind ) , make a leap group ( make a leap light card and Nanjing depend on dimension Ke company, Nanjing FIAT company and the Wuxi factory of auto body ) , last steam group ( Shanghai state Wo , last steam remit many ) , the north steam field and west of good fortune Wo bus limited company and Zhengzhou Yu clear, Nanjing Chunlan , than inferior Di , the automobile factories such as star horse group. The factory 1.100000000 Yuan and profit and tax of total sale of 2003 years exceed ten millions Yuan, is been by comment red positive city pay taxes 50 strong.
Factory has very strong development ability , can carry out subdesign using CAD, three-dimensional modelling design people have the 5, many design developments that have carried out product for supplemental manufacturer.
Factory has established quality guarantee system, for each department quality function the distribution that made clear , have stipulated each department the function in the aspect of quality management, establishing to improve each kind of people quality system of job responsibility, implement quality system of job responsibility department, workshop and crew so that individual, and with the economic pothook of system of job responsibility.
Factory is to measure to confirm qualified unit, unit abides by contract and keeps good faith , many years are commented always by customer for excellent supplier. Have passed through QS9000 certificate of quality on December 17,2001. For 2004 years, begin to establish the quality system of IS0/TS16949. My factory will as always follow the enterprise purpose of " with quality seek to live on to store , keep good faith to beg friend show ".
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